The FACEM Critical Procedures Course has been specifically designed for FACEMs to complete their CPD procedural skill requirements, and includes the following procedures (with ACEM CPD codes)



Airway Direct Laryngoscopy A1
Airway Insertion – Cricothyroid needle A4
Airway Insertion – Laryngeal mask airway A5
Airway Insertion – Seldinger / needle or surgical cricothyroidotomy A6
Airway Intubation A7
Airway Video laryngoscopy and associated devices e.g. optical stylet A11
Breathing Needle decompression of pneumothorax B4
Breathing Thoracostomy – Tube B6
Breathing Thoroacostomy – Decompressive B7
Breathing Use of self-inflating bag for ventilation B12
Circulation Vascular access – Intraosseous C14
Circulation Vascular access – Large bore intravenous : > 14G / Insertion of a rapid infusion catheter C15

Scope of Practice

Scope of Practice Airway – Extubation S3
Scope of Practice Airway – Securing and caring for ETT including during transport S4
Scope of Practice Orthopaedics – Application of a pelvic binding device S40
Scope of Practice Orthopaedics – Application of traction splinting devices S41
Scope of Practice Fluids – Insertion of a suprapubic catheter S24
Scope of Practice ENT – Anterior nasal packing S7
Scope of Practice ENT – Posterior nasal packing S13
Scope of Practice ENT – Removal of laryngeal foreign bodies S11
Scope of Practice ENT – Removal of nasal foreign bodies S12
Scope of Practice Eyes – Tonometry S20
Scope of Practice Eyes – Direct ophthalmoscopy S17 (using pan-opthalmoscope)

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