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What is the ED/FACEM/GP Critical Procedures Course?

Many FACEMs report de-skilling in critical procedures due to ED workload demands, prioritisation of “traffic/flow management”, supervision/teaching responsibilities and WBA/DOPS requirements of trainees. The FACEM Critical Procedures Course has been designed to provide FACEMs with an opportunity to refresh  and update their procedural skills in a fun and relaxed environment on a single day course.

This is a 1-day course for:

  • Consultant Emergency Physicians (FACEMs)
  • Senior ED Registrars/Advanced Emergency Medicine Trainees
  • NB: Rural Generalist GP’s and Advanced ACRRM and RACGP Trainees may also find the course valuable

FACEMs: complete your triennial procedural CPD requirements in one day, whilst updating your procedural knowledge and skills. Accredited for 7 hours of ACEM CPD (Category: Group Learning, Activity Type: Workshops and Training – Procedural skills based)

NB: This course is not suitable for Interns or Resident Medical Officers. 

The course is limited to a maximum of 12 participants only. This ensures you receive individualised, focused teaching of important procedural skills. The course uses a combination of short interactive lectures/discussions and hands-on procedure training.

 Click on the links below to see details regarding topics/procedures covered on the course

Airway checklist use (plan A/B/C/D approach)
Apnoeic oxygenation
Bougie use
Cricoid pressure: pros/cons
External Laryngeal Manipulation
Difficult Airway:
Video laryngoscopy (King Vision video laryngoscope)
Laryngeal Mask Insertion
Surgical Airway: scalpel-finger-bougie
Needle-cric/jet insufflation

Traumatic vs spontaneous pneumothorax diagnosis and management
Chest decompression: needle vs scalpel/finger
Large bore intercostal catheter insertion
Small bore Cook pneumothorax set
Underwater seal drain setup

Ventilation Management
Ventilator modes
Oxylog 3000 troubleshooting
Difficult ventilation cases
Extubation checklist

Intra-osseous needle insertion (EZ-IO) and Rapid Infuser Catheter (RIC) insertion
Pelvic Binder Application
Femoral traction splinting: Donway/CT6

Details on the new ACEM CPD Program can be found here.

Skills taught on the FACEM Critical Procedures Course that qualify for ACEM CPD:


Airway Direct Laryngoscopy
Airway Insertion – Cricothyroid needle
Airway Insertion – Laryngeal mask airway
Airway Insertion – Seldinger / needle or surgical cricothyroidotomy
Airway Intubation
Airway Video laryngoscopy and associated devices e.g. optical stylet
Breathing Jet insufflation
Breathing Thoracostomy – Tube
Breathing Thoroacostomy – Decompressive
Breathing Use of self-inflating bag for ventilation
Circulation Vascular access – Intraosseous
Circulation Vascular access – Large bore intravenous : > 14G / Insertion of a rapid infusion catheter


Scope of Practice Airway – Securing and caring for ETT including during transport
Scope of Practice ENT – Anterior nasal packing
Scope of Practice ENT – Posterior nasal packing
Scope of Practice ENT – Removal of laryngeal foreign bodies
Scope of Practice ENT – Removal of nasal foreign bodies
Scope of Practice Eyes – Direct ophthalmoscopy (panoptic)
Scope of Practice Eyes – Lateral canthotomy
Scope of Practice Fluids – Abdominal paracentesis / insertion of drain
Scope of Practice Fluids – Insertion of a suprapubic catheter
Scope of Practice Orthopaedics – Application of a pelvic binding device
Scope of Practice Orthopaedics – Application of traction splinting devices

What else is included?
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon-tea
  • Optional pre-reading (pdf course manual)
  • Certificate of course completion, (with procedure list)
How do I register?

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Where is the course held?

The courses is run at:

The APLS Office in Melbourne’s CBD

Address:  Level 5, 505 Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

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